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Being interested in mechanical things and what makes them work, Whipples inquisitive mind helped him to develop the T's EZ Unroller baling system. Whipple Simpson. Henry Simpson.

Alan Cook. David Bruce. Julie Marshall. Under a shelter, the operation can run in any type of weather, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click Here for the Full Size Image. Click Here for the Full Size Image2. We could not supply our customers square hay without an unroller from Simpco".

We purchased our unroller from Simpco in It has totally changed our hay business. We put up square bales with 2 people. We could not supply our customers square hay without an unroller from Simpco. It has now turned into a profitable source of income with the addition of the Simpson unroller. The unroller is great.

The Simpsons are a pleasure to do business with. They make sure the customer is comfortable with the equipment and they are available to answer all questions at all times". Cochran - T. Whipple Simpson went to a farm show in search of a machine that would unroll his pound round bales of wheat straw so they could be separated into pound rectangular bales. When he couldn't find one, he did the next best thing - he invented one.

Simpson received a patent on his invention, the EZ Unroller, this month. Al Cooper, a farmer near Waynesboro and one of Simpson's first customers, said he had been looking of a way to make the unrolling process faster and less labor-intensive.

Then he saw a magazine article about Simpson's invention. I said, 'son of a gun, that darn machine will work. The quickest and most efficient way to bale hay and straw in the fields is to bale it into huge rounds, he said.

The unroller makes it easy for the producer to wait until a less hectic time to make the smaller bales most buyers want. The E-Z Unroller comes in single and double models. Cooper, who grows hay and straw and raises cattle, said he sellstorectangular bales of straw per year, mostly for land scraping use in metro Atlanta. Simpson's invention is "just fantastic," he said.

Manual Round Bale Handler

Simpson's son Henry works with him to operate the unroller on their farm near Cochran.Our 3-pt. The line features forged spring steel spears designed for hard center bales allowing easier spear penetration of and withdrawal from the bale s. Conserves hay by unrolling what cattle will eat in one hour.

Hay bale Unroller

Easy operation from the tractor seat. Allows easy feeding relocation, which reduces manure buildup and spreads seeds. The HHU fits Cat. I or II Quick Hitch. Designed for Use on Tractor Front Loaders. These attachments require that the front loader bucket be removed to install. Ideal for the operator who is moving round bales on a daily basis. Specialty front loader hay handling attachments. These attachments require that the front loader bucket be removed to install unit.

Designed for use on Skid Steer Loaders. These attachments are manufactured to interface with the "universal" skid steer quick attach mounting system. They may also be used on tractor loaders that use the "universal" skid steer quick attach mounting system for their attachments. Designed for use on Front Loader Buckets. These attachments allow the operator to leave the bucket installed when handling round bales. Ideal for the operator who is looking for an economical way to move a few round bales.

Integrated-Frame designed hay attachments. These attachments feature all welded frame design, that incorporates the interfacing quick attach brackets welded to the unit. The attachments are loader model specific. Designed as an efficient hay management tool for moving and feeding round bales.

The Spin Off hydraulically rotates the bale, unwinding the hay in to a windrow. Material Handling. News Shows. Bale Handling Equipment. Need help handling round or square bales? Worksaver has the answer. Bale Spear Our 3-pt. Bale Clamping Attachments Specialty front loader hay handling attachments. Bale Spin-Off Designed as an efficient hay management tool for moving and feeding round bales. All Rights Reserved.Bale Unrollers. When I designed my first bale unroller back in there were several concerns that I had.

It had to be light, yet strong enough to unroll an pound round bale on pasture without leaving destructive ruts. I wanted minimal tongue weight so that it would be balanced which would allow one person to easily hook it up. It had to be very strong to take the abuse of unrolling an pound bale over rough terrain without breaking down. Finally, since I did not have a tractor, the bale unroller had to be flexible enough to be used with an ATV or pickup.

I still have and use that original bale unroller. This new version is made from new rectangular steel. The tongue is longer which makes it easier to back up to the bale.

The pivot point on the axle is machined to a much tighter tolerance than my first design. The lifting mechanism is a geared boat winch that has been moved back toward the bale to keep it from interfering with the ATV on tight turns. The chains that hold the spike in the bale are heavy duty log chains. Watch the video below to see the Greg Judy Bale Unroller in action!

Watch the video below as Greg Judy explains why it is much more profitable to unroll bales versus feeding them in metal bale rings.Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Quick links. Ad blocker detected: Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. Thanks Dean. We no longer unroll bales but still use it for our smaller herd.

I just put the third winch hand crank on it. One problem is that you can't stack the bales end to end and still use the buggy. I bought it from the Perry Co. I believe I paid more? Any way, one has to get the bale to the field some how. We used the front loader - I suppose one could drag it if the bale was tight, then you have to get off the Tractor and hook this gizmo to the hitch, pull out the arms to each side of the bale best done with two people and impale the bale with two spikes that fit into the arms, then get back on the tractor after cutting the strings or net and drag the thing.

It does work, but it is labor intensive, and if you don't get the correct rolling direction the first time, it takes forever to get it unrolled, it is best to repeat all this and reverse the direction of the roll, if you really want it all out. I gave up on the thing and bought a Worksaver unroller for the three point hitch Once the bale is on the ground separate from other bales, you back up to it and open the arms hydraulically, grab the bale and lift it up and off you go.

I know of people who made one similar to this by using junk metal and far less cost. Registered Angus and Angus based commercial cattle; direct Angus beef sales. Some cows can be bullies around a round bale feeder Thanks again Dean. Just because you have one doesn't mean you have to act like one.!

The reason, it seems, is that I never got it right as to how much to unroll at a time. Even when I thought it was skimpy, they left a bunch around as waste. There are ways to put electric wire over the unrolled hay to keep them from stamping on it and well passing their stuff on it - hey, I have enought to do without that extra work. The waste is high with unrolling I am sure, and the waste stays there and slows spring greenup where the waste sits.

I went to cone feeders, that was the topic of another post here. Cone feeders seem, by research, to have the least hay waste, which to me means less wasted dollars. I've been meaning to try this on some low quality hay rolled out on some low quality ground where anything not eaten would just add to the ground.

Bale Handling Equipment

Just stab bale from the side and use the loader to adjust the height. Could even skip an area then start unrolling again. I think the spike would need to be at a slight forward angle to work. Took the hay spear that was mounted in the truck, dropped the bale, backed up to the side of bale, stabbed a solid rod bar through the center of bale, hooked chains to each end of bar and to the frame of hay spear on truck, start to unroll, bale would hit anthill, turn sideways knock the chain off the bar, Dad would get out cussin, reposition bale hook chain back to rod, start again and then the bale would turn again.

If it was me, I would just put a bale in a hay ring. You know, I just do it with the front tire of my tractor. Cut the wrapping, set the bale down, drive into it with the front tire.

Bale Unrollers

The bale unwraps quite easily assuming you are driving at in from the "right" direction. The "right" direction kinda harkens back to the "should the toilet paper come over the top or roll from the bottom" issue. In the case of a round bale, it should for SURE roll from the bottom. Board index All times are UTC.A silage bale of 48'' X 48'' cm x cm can be distributed in a surprisingly short period of time and without any effort. Sturdy paddles run onto anti-friction polymer bands.

All 6 plies tires 6 ,4 at the front. A winch equipped with two cables linked up to a set of telescopic arms safely loads the silage bale on the wagon no ramp is needed. The bale will unroll as you drive back in front of your cows. Round bale feed cart — Bale unroller Designed to ease and quicken the chore of feeding round bales of hay. The Valmetal bale unroller simplifies the distribution of silage and dry hay. The Valmetal round bale distributor saves you a lot of time and without any effort.

Download the Brochure. Rapid execution A silage bale of 48'' X 48'' cm x cm can be distributed in a surprisingly short period of time and without any effort. Removable guard chains Sturdy paddles run onto anti-friction polymer bands. Telescopic arms A winch equipped with two cables linked up to a set of telescopic arms safely loads the silage bale on the wagon no ramp is needed.

Easy to use TheValmetal bale unroller is very easy to use and requires less effort. Also available The stationary bale unroller: This model is available with 5', 8' or 10' section conveyor. In Action!

atv bale unroller

Stationary bale unroller.Now a top bale shredder unnecessary. Sold on behalf of a customer. Almost a new machine. Inquiries also directly from the customer, tel. Self-loading towed bale shredder. Production country: Denmark. Bale unroller to fit Wiedemann loader. Block capacity 2. Bale Loaders Bale Unroller Model The Model tractor mount bale unroller is an economical way to handle your big round bale s.

It is quick hitch ready, and can handle bale width Select Country France United Kingdom Netherlands USA Canada 9. Poland 9. Sweden 8. Finland 2. Estonia 1. Luxembourg 1. Switzerland 1. Select Category Lifts Bale or Hay trailers 5.

atv bale unroller

Industrial Shredders 3. Veneer Machines 2. Balers 1. Grinding machines 1. Packaging Machinery 1. Pickup Trucks 1. Skid Steer Loaders 1. Tractors 1. Select Manufacturer Altec 8. Suire 8. Kuhn 7. Hustler 6.

Teagle 6.He uses his ATV and a homemade bale unroller. Greg spends some time showing you how the bale unroller works. You can see one in action by clicking here. And you can contact Greg about them here.

Greg and Jan Judy of Clark, Missouri run a grazing operation on acres of leased land that includes 11 farms. Their successful custom grazing business is founded on holistic, high-density, planned grazing.

atv bale unroller

They also direct market grass-fed beef, lamb and pork. Greg's popularity as a speaker and author comes from his willingness to describe how anyone can use his grazing techniques to create lush forage, a sustainable environment and a successful business. Great video. I use a similar bale unroller and it performs just as Greg describes. The trampled hay is a great carbon source that ultimately feeds the soil.

Good for the cows and the soil. Log In Contact. Follow Us:. Translating research and experience into practices you can use NOW! Print Email.

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