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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Criminal minds Children. Founder: Yukihanasaki - Stories: 9 - Followers: 0 - id: Who's rescuing who? Mentions of sexual assualt. Story starts midway through season 3. Prentiss, Jennifer J. The boy is found during the takedown of the unsub, locked in a closet. He immediately bonds with one of the team and doesn't let go easily.

Rated T just in case, mentions of past child abuse. Chapter 30 is up! Morgan, S. Say That Again? After coming back to the team from the dead, she is thinking about her kid a lot.

Garcia decides to track the girl down for Emily without asking first. Prentiss, OC - Complete. The Usual Rules by celaenos reviews 'Beauty' sequel, Set in season 7, Em and JJ are married, the team is working on a case involving a serial killer with a young daughter.

After solving the case Em and JJ connect with the girl and decide to adopt her. The Little Prince by marylwhit reviews JJ finds a little boy named Spencer at the scene of his mother's suicide, and eventually adopts him. Full summary inside - please read for warnings. The Lost Little One by maxandkiz reviews Four year old Spencer Reid is taken away from his abusive father and placed in foster care. Just as he starts to settle in his new home, tragedy strikes. What happened and how will the little boy cope?

Will he ever find the loving home he deserves? Reid, A. Adoption by foreverpadfoot reviews AU Story.

spencer reid adopted a child fanfiction

Spencer is a ten-year old boy in the Nevada foster system. When Rossi and the team are called to Las Vegas to catch a child killer who now has Spencer Rossi bonds with the boy and decides to adopt him. Reid, D. Rossi - Complete. Terms of Service.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Spencer returns from his honeymoon feeling on top of the world and finally coping with the after effects of the trauma he's experienced.

All that changes though when the BAU is charged with bringing down the people behind a child trafficking site. Now there is a traumatised little girl depending on him to keep her safe and stop anyone else from getting hurt.

This story is a sequel to Kiss Me Hard Before You Go and while you don't need to have read that story to get the plot of this one, that work did introduce some significant OCs. Reid's first two years of college were tumultuous. Not because of his mother or being in an unfamiliar place, but because of a stalker. Luckily for him, he disappeared. Unluckily for him, the stalker is back. Will the team figure out who is behind this before their resident genius gets hurt?

Or will they be helpless to protect one of their own? Trigger warning: Stalking, kidnapping, discussion of pedophilia, basically anything that might be found in a normal CM episode. He's in a bit of predicament after being honorably discharged from the Marines Corps and he can't afford his own place. And due to medical conditions, being alone over three hours is not safe for his well being. So with a new office buddy, who happens to be a short, hyper-vigilant, trauma-ridden man wins his way into one Dr.

Spencer Reid's heart? Derek Morgan wasn't sure he trusted Gideon's judgement. After all, who allows a 23 year old who can't even pass the academy's physical exam to become a field agent? Luckily for him, Reid is about to prove just how competent and badass he can be. Trigger warnings: blood, violence, mentions of school shootings, death, lack of respect towards people suffering from mental illness, and other things you would normally find in a Criminal Minds episode.

Reid has secrets, just like everyone in the BAU. He's kept them for years now, never wavering. Yet, one case breaks the seal on the young agents past. Everything that could go wrong does, and nothing will be the same. Can Reid's past bring the team closer, or will it destroy the trust of the team?

Damien Carmen - head to a notorious crime syndicate Reid had infiltrated years ago. The reason Reid had needed to start fresh and find a family with the BAU. The reason everything seemed to be falling apart now. Spencer just wants to have some fun with her friends while she waits for her girlfriend to get there.

If only some guys could understand the meaning of the words "not interested". He taps a group of files against the desk in the jet, shuffling them into place. You'd think life would be simple when you're trained to know when someone's lying to you, you'd think it'd take away all of the fears and questions about who you can trust but when you're forced to face the fact that you've lied to yourself for 14 years, you realise that reading people means nothing if you can't read yourself.

Reid drowns in a river.

Honesty - Spencer Reid Fanfiction Trailer

Hotch tries not to let him die. Rossi and Morgan break some speed limits. It's Spencer's high school reunion 15 years after a scared, bullied 12 year old leaves those cruel halls.Author's Note: This story is not finished, nowhere close, but I want to start posting it to see people's reactions. I love feedback and know that I read everything but I don't usually have time to respond even though I greatly appreciate what people write. I am going into my University exam period with essays due and studying to get done and writing is my stress relief.

I will try to write and update as much as possible but no promises. JJ called them all into the conference room early that morning and immediately Rossi knew it must be a bad one. He was still getting used to having the blond on the team but she definitely made it easier to deal with the media, a task he despised. He followed Gideon into the conference room with Hotch right behind him.

It felt so different to have a conference room and offices at Quantico instead being in the bunker they started in but he wasn't going to complain. Especially with the fancy office he landed as team leader, a position he was sharing with Gideon.

He found himself in the conference room looking around at his team. What changes it had gone through from the initial group. Hotch who was the definite future of the BAU, coming from a legal background and had the ability to play the Bureau's politics that he and Gideon had absolutely no interest in. Gideon was next to him looking ready to go, his co-leader took everything too hard but had such emotional connections. And then the new-kid Morgan, who replaced Kate who'd, moved on to head the crimes against children unit.

He still hadn't made up his mind about the African-American man; he was a good profiler and explosives expert and had a physical sense that was interesting addition to the unit.

Though he did slightly pity JJ being the only female in what was slightly an old-man's club. JJ began her presentation, "Las Vegas, Nevada, children are turning up dead in the sands close to the main highway. However there are no signs of physical or sexual trauma with cause of death being tranquilizers to knock them out and then suffocation.

He hated all death but when it was children it was so much harder. Everybody grab you ready bags, flight out in thirty minutes. We'll start brainstorming on the plane. I don't want to hear another child has been taken, or that another has been found. When they had all piled onto the plane, another new perk as the BAU was moving up the ranks of the Bureau's top-units with their suburb success rate, they began to go over the case. Hotch started off the brainstorming session, "The way they are laid out seeks to remorse over their death," he paused thinking and then questioned, "what about the clothing?

Where these the clothes they went missing in or did the unsub purchase them? Miers had been in the system for just a year since his parents died in a car accident with no surviving relatives. Neil since she was four, taken out of her home because of abuse charges.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Young Spencer. Founder: lovinlife48 - Stories: 33 - Followers: 41 - id: An Even Match by Batboys of Baker Street reviews In the summer of two young geniuses meet in a Las Vegas park and discover that maybe they aren't quite as alone in the world as they thought.

Sherlock Kid! Reid, Sherlock H. Not sure If I'll keep going, review please. The time between was growing shorter. Some days, he wished he could be naive again As told by 7-year-old Spencer Reid.

Reid - Complete. The Lost Little One by maxandkiz reviews Four year old Spencer Reid is taken away from his abusive father and placed in foster care. Just as he starts to settle in his new home, tragedy strikes. What happened and how will the little boy cope? Will he ever find the loving home he deserves?

Reid, A. Wisps of Darkness by BertLover reviews AU- In a world where Reid and JJ are prisoners in an evil foster parent's care, the team visits the two's hometown and cross paths with both remarkable children.

Will they be able to realize the abuse and make right before this all goes too far? So Nice, So Smart by crimeshowsaremygame reviews At seventeen, you were accepted into Mensa, and weren't they all just so, so proud.

Reid-centric, a bit AU. Self Denial by terracannon reviews AU. Spencer Reid had given up everything he could have been to prevent his mother from being sent away. However, it looks like his attempt at a quiet life was all for naught when a serial killer decides to make Las Vegas his hunting grounds.

Mind Games by Forever A Fighter reviews A killer that can't be caught, a boy who can't be figured out and a recently ended marriage has Hotch at the end of his rope. AU rating may change, not sure yet. All at once by Valitiel reviews Sometimes things come a you all at come at you all at once. For young Spencer Reid, family, friends and life comes at him full speed and he wasn't ready, but his family will keep him a float!

Or can they? Reflections Of the Past by omalleyanatomy26 reviews Reid is hiding a dark secret. During his childhood a man continued to rape him while threatening to kill his parents if he talks.

Now the man is back, and trying to take control over Reid again. Can Reid fight this monster from the past? Where'd You Get This Kid? A Gideon comes into work early and finds a mysterious person leaving behind a small basket on its steps. Curiosity gets the better of him and he checks it out finding the unexpected that changed his very life. Gideon, S. They're both sent to Virginia to live with US Marshals.

Ch 20 up!Story Story Writer Forum Community. Spencer, Spencer, and More Spencer! Founder: lil'spencefan - Stories: 10 - Followers: 20 - Staff: 4 - id: All types of Reid fics welcome, even slash and OC.

I'm new at this C2 thing, so be warned! Also, if I put your story in and you don't want it there, just private message me and I'll be glad to take it out.

Oh yeah, i'm looking for staff, so PM me if interested, and i'll send you an acceptance thingy! Reid is captured and tortured in the hope he will break and kill himself like his captor's son did years ago. What happens when a new agent who's emo, immmature, and extremely random joins the BAU?

Who's also a GUY? Chaos, drama, angst, and maybe some romance. Please read! Other people like it! Check the reviews! Read and review!

spencer reid adopted a child fanfiction

Maternal Instinct by Lily of the Shadow reviews Pt 4: To make amends for weeks of inaction, she offers him a ride in the rain Pt 5: In Gym class, she finally snaps Pt 6: He finally confronts her. Death Threat by thehappysisyphus reviews My first fic.

Someone's angry at Reid, or is he? And what happens next? Character death, OC pairings, and violence, that's what! Guess what?

spencer reid adopted a child fanfiction

My first fic on here, so please read and review. Case fic as well. Little Boy Lost by Eligent reviews The team is called out to find a serial kidnapper and murderer who targets young boys. But how far will the unsub go to find out what the team knows about him? And how far will one agent go to save a lost boy? Reid - Complete.

Lost in a Memory by chronicler-of-knuckles reviews Reid is the only witness to a crime. If only he could remember what crime that was. Not to mention just who exactly Spencer Reid is.

Fate by Aly K reviews It had felt good to save a child from a kidnapper, but I think it made us feel even more horrible about our inability to save Reid from one. Hotch's point of view. Reid, A. Terms of Service.In just over six years with the BAU Dr. Spencer Reid had been awakened by his cell phone ringing to notify him of a new case twenty-three times.

If he had ever stopped to think about it he would have said that on average twenty-three times was a remarkably small number. Then again that number didn't include the dozens of times that he'd been awaken by his phone ringing while on cases over the years. After six years Reid's body and mind had become conditioned to be completely awake by the second ring. That's why Reid wasn't surprised when he was awakened by his phone in the middle of the night while on a case.

Flinging one arm out he groped blindly around the bedside table for his phone. Once he located the phone he pressed the talk button "Yeah, Reid. What do we have? Using the side of his fist and part of his forearm Reid pounded on Hotch's door five times in quick succession.

When he didn't get an immediate answer he pounded on the door again. This time he heard a muffled thump and cursing from inside the room before Hotch yanked the door open. What happened? Reid what's going on?

Anxious to be on his way Reid shifted from foot to foot. I'm sorry Hotch…I…I have to go. Wrapping his arms around himself Reid stared at the heavy oak front door. He knew he needed to knock, needed to let them know he had arrived. No matter how hard he triedthoughhe just couldn't make himself raise his arm. There was this little voice in the back of his head that kept screaming that if he didn't knock then this wouldn't be real.

Reid was still staring at the door when it suddenly opened. A frail petite woman in her early fifties started to step out only to stop and gasp when she saw him standing there.

spencer reid adopted a child fanfiction

Spencer you're…thank you for…. The overly exaggerated sound effects of cartoons could be heard as Reid slowly made his way into the den. He could see her from where he stood just inside the doorway. She was laying on her back on the sofa with her head turned toward the TV.

The arm of the sofa had pushed her glasses sideways at an angle that he knew made it impossible for her to actually see the animated bears frolicking on the screen. For the first time in a long time Reid had to fight the urge to run.

Instead he made himself walk to the far end of the sofa. Clearing his throat he whispered. The little girl reacted immediately. Scrambling to her feet on the sofa she launched herself at Reid.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply".

Harry Potter is exiled from England after the war believed to be the next Dark Lord, without money or magic Harry is forced to become a prostitute to live. Years later he witnesses a gruesome murder and becomes a blip on the BAU's radar. Harry is tired of everything. All of the secrets, all of the lies. So, with the help of his three adopted fathers, he goes away without telling anyone else. A test a Gringotts had shown a relative in the United States, so he heads there and hopes for the best.

So what happens when he meets the BAU while they were coming back from a case? Affliction comes to us not to make us sad, but sober. Not to make us sorry, but wise - H.

When the BAU team needed an in to meet the owner of an exclusive set of nightclubs that were the possible hunting grounds of a serial killer, they find him less than helpful in someways - and more than helpful in others. After all, Harry Potter-Black takes the sanctity of his clubs very seriously. Cross posted on FF.

When Spencer was sent to prison, she had been avoiding him so he didn't tell her about his imprisonment. Cut to three months after being sent to prison, Elanor Muirigan Potter Black, Duchess of Godric's Hollow and Black Valley, finds out about his incarceration and decided to investigate herself.

What exactly is Ella's past, and what did she mean in the interrogation? Harry was more bored than a thirty-five-year-old should be. Of course, after an adolescence of chasing and being chased by a mass murderer in the wizarding world, who would expect anything less?

But boredom doesn't really suit Harry Potter. Luckily for him, Spencer Reid makes things a lot less boring. The elite MagicX undercover unit is a special unit, unlike the normal undercover agent, the MagicX elite unit is mostly a undercover unit helping the FBI agents or police officers in their investigations or simply to protect a person or a team. This is precisely the case of our dear Harrisson Black, elite agent of the special MagicX unit, whose main goal is to help or protect the FBI team officers led by Aaron Hotchner.

What will happen when the special agent Black will finally present under his true identity and begin to appear in the lead, helping not by the back, but by the front of the screen? Harry needed information in order to help Spencer in the wake of Revelations. Pressing Spencer for it was likely to trigger another flashback, so Harry goes to a different source: the team.